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My name is Federico and I have been working as a mobile developer for the past two decades, and as a web developer for the last five years.

In addition to my skills in mobile and web development, I am also an expert GIS Developer with experience using desktop applications such as Mapinfo and Mapbasic, as well as cartographic libraries like OpenLayer and Leaflet.

I frequently work with Here maps and related products.
Mobile Developer
I am an experienced mobile developer with a strong background in building high-quality applications for iOS and Android using Flutter, React Native, and Java.

I have a track record of delivering user-friendly, reliable, and performant applications that meet the needs of my clients.

I am proficient in a range of programming languages and technologies, and I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as a developer.

Whether you are looking to develop a new mobile application from scratch or enhance an existing one, I am confident that I can deliver an app that meets all of your requirements and exceeds your expectations.
Web Developer
As a skilled web developer, I specialize in building responsive website front-ends using React-Redux and Angular.

With my expertise in these technologies, I can help you create a dynamic and visually appealing website that is optimized for all devices.

With Next.js, I can create dynamic and interactive web applications that are optimized for speed and SEO.

By paying close attention to detail and prioritizing excellence, I can guarantee that every project I work on will meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.
Cloud Infra-Architecture
I am a cloud developer with a strong background in hosting and maintaining websites on virtual machine instances, integrating databases, and setting up streaming jobs.

I have experience working on multiple cloud platforms, including GCP and AWS, and I am proficient in a range of tools and technologies for building, deploying, and managing cloud-based applications.

Whether you need assistance with cloud infrastructure, virtual machine instances, databases, or streaming jobs, I am confident that I can provide expert support and deliver reliable, scalable solutions that meet your needs.
UI/UX Design
I am a UI/UX designer who specializes in creating highly attractive user interfaces for both mobile and web applications.

With my expertise, I can help you design a visually stunning and user-friendly application that will keep your users engaged and satisfied.

My approach to design is based on understanding the needs and goals of my clients. I strive to create designs that not only look great but also serve the purpose they were intended for.

Whether you need a new website or application designed from scratch or an existing design updated, I am here to help.
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